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Customer Testimonials

Emma Cox

Project Manager - NHS

Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust

Sandie has been absolutely fantastic, I havent been able to fly long distances for years and even when flying short haul I experienced extreme anxiety and feelings of worry. I was sceptical at first I must admit but after 3 sessions to help with my fear of flying I was able to join my son on a trip of a lifetime to America....which is something I thought I would never acheive. As this worked so well I have continued sessions with Sandie to help me through some personal confidence issues and some struggles I was having at work....this has helped immensley and using some of the coping mechanisms Sandie has helped me with, I am now able to deal with them and even enjoyed a 10 hour flight to America! Thank you sandie....I would recommend this therapy to anyone with similar issues and to all the sceptics out there...... try it you will surprise yourself!


Fiona Gillam

I decided to try hypnotherapy to help me with a long standing problem relating to a lack of confidence, which meant that I felt trapped and unable to enjoy my passion and hobby of horseriding. I have been lucky enough to have my own horses for over 30 years, however, when my life long friend and companion died, I was heart broken and devasted. I lost touch with who I was and eveything that I knew, needless to say I totally lost my confidence. Some 13 years after she died I was still on the same cycle of 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I was becoming increasingly frustrated and miserable. Sandie and her skill of providing me with new techniques, not just to cope but to believe in myself have helped me regain my confidence and to enjoy my riding. Within just 2 sessions I was enjoying riding and going places that I had not been able to ride in years. I have simply been set free and the feeling is wonderful. This course has also had a positive effect on my work and other relationships. Sandie, with her positive and caring attitude, skills and techniques has changed my life for the better and enabled me to take back control of it. I am extremely grateful to you. Fiona


Aimee Brigginshaw

I wanted to calm my nerves before my recent driving test. My negative thoughts tend to spiral so having a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Sandie was really helpful. In fact they were really great for general anxiety. Sandie managed to take me to a completely relaxed state where I completely put out of my mind the environment we were in. It was really liberating to allow myself to go into a trace and put all worries aside and enjoy positive thinking. It made me really think through how to relax my mind and body, and recognise how tense I can be day to day. Thank you Sandie.

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