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Want to give up smoking?  

I use a tried and tested programme with a 95% success rate.

The cost of the Programme is £125.00

Here's what to expect.

First consultation. 15 minutes where we discuss a sensible achievable timetable for you becoming a non smoker. 

Second consultation. A preparation session! Research has shown that if you prepare properly you have a much higher probability of success. You will be given 'The Stop Smoking For Life' handbook where you will find everything that you need to stop for good.

Third Consultation. Your 2 hour hypnotherapy session. You can expect a pleasant, relaxing experience, most people say it is like having a good night's sleep! But more importantly it will free you from those strong, subconscious thoughts that have chained you to the habit for so long. By the end of the session, you will be a non-smoker. You will learn new skills to help you enjoy the freedom of not smoking.

Follow up session. This is a session where I can help you to dispel any problems that you may have, although mostly there aren't any! and hypnotherapy to reinforce your new habit of being a happy, healthy non-smoker.

Please contact me is you are interested in becoming a healthy non-smoker!

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