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Sandra Moore Dip. E C Hyp.

Welcome to Happiness Therapy, I am situated in Peacehaven on the South Coast ..... as a qualified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist , I have helped clients to make positive changes in their lives, enabling them to cope with stress more effectively, gain confidence and to be more motivated.

You may want to stop smoking or lose weight, or perhaps you suffer from stress before exams or an interview. You may have a fear of flying or worry that you will fail your driving test. It’s common to be faced with stressful situations at work, negatively affecting a personal life. Or maybe you just feel like you have lost your way a bit and need a little help with getting back on track.

Sessions using NLP and Hypnotherapy will enable you to handle these problems calmly, leaving you relaxed, more focused and in control.

Be assured that everything discussed during your consultations with me will be held in complete confidence.

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